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*NEW* Essential Gypsy Jazz Guitar Licks Volume 2 - with Play Along Audio CD - €35 (FREE Shipping) SOLD OUT!

Just released and hot off the presses. If you’re looking to quickly and dramatically improve your soloing ability without getting bogged down with additional musical theory, then this is the one to grab. You'll be able to take what you learn and put it into action right away, at your next gig.

Essential Gypsy Jazz Guitar Licks volume 2 is packed full of juicy licks I’ve learned from masters like Django, Stochelo, and Bireli, as well as a few of my own choice originals; all covered in context over a set of must-know tunes in this style.
For each song, I give you five complete chorus’s of solos using some of my best and coolest improvisational ideas including embellishing the melody, octave ideas, chordal inversions and straight up killer gypsy jazz licks. You’ll have them in standard notation & guitar tab.

We'll Cover Licks Over These Killer Tunes

  • Coquette
  • Swing Gitane
  • All Of Me
  • For Sephora
  • Tears

Gypsy Jazz Songbook Volume 1 - with Play Along Audio CD - €35 (FREE Shipping) Only 24 Left!

This book and CD was the first one I wrote and is the best place to start playing Gypsy Jazz. I put 11 of THE most played and famous Django and Gypsy Jazz standards in there so as to get you ready for a jamm session anywhere. Even before it went to print I had my brother Kevin learn these tunes the way I laid them out in the book and it worked a treat!

Master These 12 Classics

  • Djangology
  • Minor Swing
  • It Don't Mean A Thing
  • Django's Castle
  • Sweet Georgia Brown
  • Honeysuckle Rose
  • Oh! Lady Be Good
  • Nuages
  • Douce Ambience
  • Blues For Ike
  • Dark Eyes

Essential Gypsy Jazz Guitar Licks - with Play Along Audio CD - €35 (FREE Shipping) Only 32 Left!

My idea with teaching students how to solo was to attack five tunes individually and come up with five killer licks for each of them. I don't talk about theory but instead leave more space in the brain to absorb the music aurally which is of course how the best players including Django learnt. The licks work and that's all that matters! I've had perhaps the most positive feedback from this book and the question everyone asks is "When is Volume 2 coming out?!"

You'll Learn Licks Over These Popular Classics

  • Minor Blues
  • Gypsy Blues
  • Daphne
  • Lady Be Good
  • Nuages

The Kick-Start Combo - €60 (FREE Shipping)

Most guys end up grabbing both of these books, so I put them in a combo package to get you started faster.

Here's what your getting -

  • Gypsy Jazz Songbook volume 1
  • Essential Gypsy Jazz Guitar Licks
  • Two Play-Along CDs

Gypsy Jazz Songbook Volume 3 - with Two Play Along Audio CD - €45 (FREE Shipping) Only 19 Left!

This is a must have book 'cause it's the only book out there which deals with all the groovy 'Latin' style songs which feature a lot in Gypsy Jazz. Bossa Dorado is a favorite of players and fans all over the world and really is a 'must' to learn. And the way I lay it out makes it easy to do just that. I also took each of the 4 Latin feels (Bolero-Bossa-Tango-Samba) and demonstrate how the Gypsies play them. There are 2 cd's with this one as there was too much info for just 1, so alot to learn from this book.

The Latin Tunes

  • Troublant Bolero
  • Bolero Blue
  • Caravan
  • Bar Del Pi
  • Manha De Carnival
  • Luna Tango
  • Erster Tango
  • Bossa Dorado
  • For Sephora
  • Number 1
  • Summertime
  • Mediterranean Blues

Gypsy Jazz Songbook Volume 4 - with Play Along Audio CD - €35 (Free Shipping) Only 5 Left!

I'm proud of this book as it features some of my favorite Django tunes including a note for note transcription of the first chorus of his 'I'll See You In My Dreams' solo which is a masterpiece. 'Tears', 'Melodie Au Crepuscule', and 'Anouman' are three of Django's most deep and poignant ballads and I've written out the hip changes for all of them. This book is a heavy hitter and will give you alot to get on with and comes highly recommended.

Ballads and More

  • I'll See You in My Dreams
  • Tears
  • Melodie au Crepuscule
  • Night and Day
  • Anouman
  • Whats This Thing Called Love?
  • Sweet Chorus
  • Limehouse Blues
  • Exactly Like You
  • J'attendrai
  • Icelandic Folksong

The Gig Book - Priceless - €50 (FREE Shipping) SOLD OUT!

Now this is the book that brings it all together for you at the gig. Keep the Gig Book in your guitar bag so it's never far away from you at a jamm session. Even if you know all the tunes by heart I bet the bass player at the jamm doesn't! I carry a copy of this around with me at all times and it's come in handy on countless occasions. It's robustly made and bound so as to endure the wear & tear (and beer) that it will come up against!

"Swing de Paris" Online Mini Course - FREE

The secret key to speedy success is to NOT get bogged down with technical jargon and musical theory. I want to get you playing straight away. To do that, I've put together a very cool little package that focuses on a single song - the great Django Reinhardt tune "Swing de Paris".

And here's what's even cooler. I want to give you this $29.95 value package today for FREE so that you can experience the joy of playing this music immediately and help me share it with others.

If your serious about playing Gypsy Jazz Guitar, then you need to get this one right now.


Gypsy Jazz Jam Pack - Best Deal - €125 (FREE Shipping)

This is the ultimate package to short cut your learning curve and build your repertoire fast.

Here's what your getting -

  • Gypsy Jazz Songbook volume 1
  • Essential Gypsy Jazz Guitar Licks
  • Gypsy Jazz Songbook volume 3
  • Gypsy Jazz Songbook volume 4
  • Five Play-Along CDs